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Sign up to Run for County Committee

Want to run for County Committee yourself? The cycle for 2023 is closed, but we want to keep you informed! Sign up now to get updates from the EHCFGG team about how you can participate today and run for a seat on County Committee in 2025. 

Let’s build a more inclusive, transparent, and participatory Manhattan Democratic Party!  Sign up today, and we'll be in touch! 

Questions? Email us at

Thank you to Rep Your Block for the role of County Committee Description

Role of County Committee Members

Basic responsibilities of a County Committee member are:

  • Attend one or two meetings each year 

  • Elect party leadership

  • Help fill judicial vacancies

  • Choose Democratic nominees in state special elections

  • Vote on matters brought to the committee, including party rules


What CAN you do as a member?

  • Improve how the party is run!

  • Organize in your area with your neighbors!

  • Get out the vote efforts and engaging voters!

  • Participate in the judicial election process!

  • Create buzz around issues you care about!

  • Support the campaign of a candidate for office who you support!

  • Get to know local elected officials better!

  • Create and lead an Assembly District Committee!


What is the time commitment of a County Committee member? 

  • It is as small or as large as you want it to be!

  • Members serve a two-year term.

  • You will spend time petitioning to get on the ballot.

  • Meetings are twice a year in the evenings and can last a few hours. Meetings have been conducted remotely due to the pandemic. If you cannot attend a meeting, you can give permission to a fellow trusted member to vote for you (voting by proxy). 

  • Some members choose to do more than the minimum requirements of the position. You could end up spending more (hopefully quality) time connecting with and organizing neighbors, participating in an Assembly District Committee, and advocating for change within the party and with elected officials.

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