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Volunteer opportunities or updates of what we are working on

Join Girl Scouts Today: Become a Volunteer or join a Troop


Op-Ed's from District Leader

Bridging the Gap: The Vital Role of Social Workers in Courtrooms

Unveiling Transparency: Holding NYCHA Accountable for Public Housing Woes

Designating East Harlem as a Cultural District

Urgent Need for Fair Tax Relief and Homeowners Assistance for Co-op

Protecting Section 9: A Lifeline for New York's Diverse Communities

Resolutions submitted to the State Democratic Party

Resolution Calling for Inclusion of Social Workers Inside the Courtrooms

Resolution Calling for Climate Justice and Green Renewal

Previously passed resolutions

Recordings of Manhattan Community Board 11

Resolutions paced by the EHCFGG Democratic Club

A resolution of East Harlem Committee For Good Government Democratic Club

Calling for Urging the New York State Assembly and State Senators to fully fund Section 9 and the Abolition of RAD/PACT and The Trust and the Ramifications of it in New York State to Prevent Continuing Displacement of Public Housing Residents

EHCFGG in the News

Rally to protect Section 9 funding for NY public housing

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